Our company is specialized in the development and production of ecological disinfection products. Over 5 year long research, backed by academical studies, has helped us obtain an optimal formula for coating with a continuous disinfecting effect, which is constant throughout its lifetime.

PHOTOCATALYTIC ANTIBACTERIAL COATING ALINNA® works antioxidizing towards various stems of bacteria, fungus and viruses, without allowing the development of pathogen microorganisms on the surfaces protected by our coating.

This product is based on the principles of photocatalysis. The antibacterial effect is generated by light-activated antimicrobial agents (LAAAs). The product is scientifically supported also by the photocatalytic antibacterial Method BUCUREŞTEANU.

The products we have developed and which we improve continuously are secure and ecological. Their usage helps improve the environment and saves resources, beginning with chemicals, energy and water We contribute to reduce cost for medical treatment and we help saving on usage of damaging substances to disinfect surfaces.

Our driving goal is to contribute in protecting health and implicitly life!