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The website operated by QuantEcoTech uses cookies or similar technological solutions. These are summarized below in the form of cookies.

By accessing the websites, you agree to the use of cookies on the site to improve your browsing experience and to display personalized offers relevant to your interests. This page contains all the information about the use of cookies that we use on the site.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small file, consisting of letters and numbers, that will be stored on a computer, mobile terminal, or other equipment of a user accessing the Internet.


If we contact you via HTML mail, they may include web beacons or similar technologies, such as transparent GIF files (clear GIFs) or pixel tags. These are also called transparent GIF files (clear GIFs). They provide feedback on whether you received or opened the message and clicked on a link or other content in it. Typically, these technologies place a discrete image on a specific website or email and provide information such as the IP address, website, or email address (s) of the computer you see; another identifier, the date of viewing, the type of browser used and the identifiers of the cookies previously entered on the device.

Consent for Cookies

When you upload the site, we ask for your consent to the use of cookies in a pop-up window. If you do not give your consent, we will only use cookies that are essential for the operation of the Site on your device (these are listed in the Cookies we use).

How can I control the use of cookies?

On the one hand, you can control the operation of cookies used on the site in the data management center of

In addition to the above, you can control the use of cookies by setting your browser.

The default setting for most browsers is to enable cookies. For the most commonly used browsers, how to configure cookies is described on the following websites:

If you disable the use of cookies through your browser settings, websites or some of their features become unavailable or unusable, provided you do not re-enable the use of cookies, so do not unblock. You have the option to change the settings at any time and use cookies.

You can also view and delete cookies that were previously stored on your computer in your browser.

The cookies used by Google Analytics are provided with a browser add-on added by Google that can be used to disable these cookies. Detailed information on this is available at:

The sites, information and accessories (programs) available on the links above are completely independent of QuantEcoTech.

What cookies do we use?

On the one hand, cookies can be "permanent" or "temporary" cookies. A permanent cookie is stored by the browser for a certain time, provided you do not delete it, but the cookie is automatically deleted by closing the browser.

Instead, cookies can be "own" or "third party" cookies. Your personal cookies are used by QuantEcoTech websites, and third-party cookies (see, for example, cookies used by Google Analytics) are used by QuantEcoTech. But independent service providers are placed on the user's computer.

Required cookies

The necessary cookies are essential for the operation of the system, without which the website cannot be used as intended. These cookies may be used without the user's consent and may not be disabled.

Functional cookies

Functional cookies are not required to use the website, but we can provide a better experience for users. These cookies usually provide settings and convenience features for a more personalized website (such as the language you choose or the type of page you visit). Functional cookies are used only with your consent and may be revoked at any time by disabling the functional cookies in the Privacy Center. These cookies do not store personal information.